Get Face to Face Consultation . Discover life predictions & remedies on all aspects of your life. Get solutions to your problems related to Finance , Career , Health , Relationship , Professional , Legal and many other aspects of your life in a 45 minutes session . No need to waste time endlessly searching for astrologers , getting appointment booked , travel and waste hours in traffic times. GET TELEPHONIC CONSULTATION and solve all your problems through horoscope analysis and simplest remedies. 30-45 minutes of Telephonic consultation 2 Free Follow Ups

Telephonic Consultation

Given the various constraints of time , distance , availability, resources and other personal issues , going to an Astrologer is always not possible and feasible . Astrology on Phone is the best way to get consult immediately and solve your queries .

Your date of birth , time of birth and place of birth is all we need to analyze your details . We give one hour session where you can ask anything from A to Z about your married life , career , finance , health , legal problems , etc with no constraint on the number of questions . We provide astrological consultancy and counselling as well to solve your problems. Learn More

Personalized Astrology Consultation

Discuss your issues and queries in person with Astro Ravi Shankar. The privacy of your concerns will be fully ensured. You can have the conversation with him on all the issues dealing with your Health, Wealth, Career, Finance, Business, Education, etc. He will give you the appropriate astrological consultancy and guidance along with the help of modalities like Vedic Astrology , Numerology , Palmistry , Tarot Card Reading , Face Reading , Physic Reading , etc. All the queries will be exclusively  analysed by ASTRO RAVI SHANKAR and the remedies for the same will be provided by him. Due and appropriate consideration will be given to your preferred time.Learn More

Vaastu Consultancy

Vaastu Shastra elaborates the basic sense of designing the architecture of buildings and specific areas of a building such as rooms, fenestration, gates etc. The motive ofastu Vaastu Shastra is to enhance the well being of the occupants . It primarily instructs how to maintain the best equilibrium of the five elements ( Earth Water, Sun, Air & Space) in a building and to make best use of their effects to energize the metal & physical energies of inhabitants.

Astro Ravi Shankar is one of the renowned personalities amongst the worlds leading Vaastu Advisors and famous Vaastu Shastra consultants. He possess large experience in this field and deals in Vaastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning & Aura Scanning. His scientific logics & explanations makes him distinct from other traditional Vaastu consultants. Best Vaaastu consultant offering Vaastu Shastra services, Vedic Vaastu Shastra services, residential Vaastu services, commercial Vaastu services and industrial Vaastu services.Learn More


Astro Ravi Shankar -Astrologer , Numerologist , Palmist , Vaastu Consultant , Clairvoyant, Healer, Tarot  Card Reader, Counselor, Psychic Reader, Guide, Philosopher and Mentor. He uses the insight and abilities he has developed to help clients lead more fulfilling lives, with more personal understanding and foresight. Your future is your own to shape and mould, as you desire. We all have the magical gift of being psychics but how many of us have the power of concentration to develop it?

CALL ASTRO RAVI SHANKAR @ +91 981862366 DIRECTLY and ask him your problems related to Married Life  , Career , Legal Problems , Finance , Health , Education , Children .

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