As per pataaanjali yogsutra , yoga is an art to keep in tune all the three bodies namely “manomaya body” , “pranamaya body” and the “physical body”. Every one of us has taken birth for the purpose of spiritual evolution which is attainable only through yoga . It is proved by help of yoga that one can see the realms other than physical world only with the help of “yoga sidhi”. With the help of yoga one can attune to different frequencies of different cosmic planes .
Yoga teaches how to control this prana shakti in order to achieve physical and spiritual goals. Raja yoga teaches how to master the ashtaang yoga wich ultimately result in salvation. The yogi has to master all the 8 basic principles of raaj yoga in order to achieve salvation which are discussed below:- YAMA :- It includes non-killing , truthfulness , non-stealing , continence and non-receiving of any gifts
NIYAMA:- Cleanliness, contentment, mortification, study and self-surrender to good , all these together comprises niyama.
ASANA:- posture
PRANAYAMA:- Control of prana though breathing and other techniques
PRATYAHAR:- Introspection
DHARNA:- Concentration
DHYANA:- Meditation
SAMADHI:-Experience of Super consciousness Before continuing with our discussion of Raja Yoga, we should make a distinction between that school of thought and another, called Hatha Yoga.
Hatha Yoga deals entirely with the body. The sole aim of this school of Yoga is to make the body physically strong. For a strong body, however, you can achieve almost the same effects as those given by Hatha Yoga by enrolling in a gymnasium course at any muscle-building establishment. The exercises of Hatha Yoga are difficult and demand years of steady practice . Through this system, it is claimed that a Yogi can establish perfect control over every part of his body. The heart can be made to stop or go at his bidding and can control the flow of blood and the sensations of his nervous system. All the nerves of the body comes under the control of the yogi.
The result of this part of Yoga is to make men stronger and to prolong their lives; good health is its one goal. From the point of view of the Raja Yogi, the person who perfects himself in Hatha Yoga is merely a healthy animal. This system does not lead to spiritual growth or give man the help to meet his need for relaxation which is found in Raja Yoga. However, certain aspects of Hatha Yoga have become part of the regime of Raja Yoga. These include some of its exercises, dietary aspects, and disease preventives, which provide the physical state of well-being which enables the proper pursuit of Yoga.
But in order to achieve command in yoga one has to master the pranayam first after perfecting the asna. To master the pranayam one has to control the motions of the lungs. By this way one can even feel the finer motions in the body. Due to externalization of our mind we have lost the feeling of finer motion in our body because the conscious mind is always indulged in thoughts. If we can feel these finer motions , we can control every motion and nerve current in our body.
We now learn exercises in pranayama :-
Sit straight and keep the spine straight, head erect and chest in alignment with both. All should be in straight alignment. The posture should be like as mentioned above otherwise one may do harm to his/her body. One should not bend his back or throw down the shoulders.
The first lesson is to just make your breathe rythematic. Normal breathe which we take regularly cannot be said as breathing. Its so irregular and non-rythematic that it hardly benefits the body to the extent as it can. The breathing should be done in a measured way so that it becomes rythematic. One can repeat a mantra like “om” while inhaling and exhaling which will make breathing more harmonious. Feel the energy flowing in the body and moving through different channels and nerves in the body. This will make our senses more sensitive and open the channels for the yogi to access the infinite cosmic energy. This cosmic energy will not only removes the negative energy from the body , which is the root cause of different form of diseases , but it also revitalizes the body.
Apart from focusing one can also meditate in the zero state. To meditate in the zero state , it means to make your mind thoughtless remember the toughest job in this world is to make the mind thoughtless. Its difficult to control thoughts. But if one attains this state of thoughtless meditation he can achieve the “ nirvikalpa samadhi”. In this state of altered state of consciousness one becomes unaware of this physical world. He becomes so much unaware to the extent that one loses the awareness of even his body. This is the supreme stage. One gets the feeling of untidiness with the supreme energy. He feels as if he is himself the supreme energy and all the things in the universe are interconnected with single channel or this supreme energy . All is one is the feeling which prevails. One becomes unaware of the time also. In deep Samadhi of this type , one might leave his body if his consciousness does not come back in this physical world for a long time . He therefore attains the ultimate salvation. But all these exercises should be done under a proper instructor or guru.

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