Telepathy is the ability to send and receive thoughts from one mind to another and is a natural ability of the human mind. Telepathy is a skill used long to transmit and read thoughts without even opening your mouth to speak. It is the psychic art of projecting your thoughts in others mind through distance and sometimes making the desired result to happen.
The verbal communication is only used in the physical world. In other subtle universe, telepathy is the mode of communication.

Has it ever happened to you that you were thinking of a friend and at that very moment you get a call from him or her? If that has happened to you, well then, I need not tell you about what is telepathy, because that is what telepathy is all about. It is communication between two people without employing any of the five physical senses. Well, yes this is as amazing and interesting as it can get. Telepathy is one of the main branches of occult sciences and many studies have been done and are going on to understand this phenomenon. They say that if you are able to use telepathy, you can read the minds and information stored in the brains of other people. This is also what can be called as having psychic abilities. I think all of us should have at least an introduction to telepathy. But for that we need to do some telepathy exercises. Here they are:-

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