Machh Mani Stone/Mach Mani Stone Original 7.20 Carat

5,500.00 3,499.00

Maach Mani Gems is an ancient gem, but due to non-publication, it could not be practiced. The story of this gem is directly related to the Ramayana. In the Ramayana, the story of a son of Hanuman comes. His name is – Makardhavaj. Makarajwaj was born from the womb of a fish and not only a fish but he was also a mother. He took out his gripping stone to protect his son and handed it over to his son (Mukhkarj). It is such a story that Makaradhavaj was born in Rahu period. These fishes will be used to protect the bad influences of Rahu and the diseases of people in Kali Yuga. Machh Mani gem is not an ordinary gem, it is very rare gem. The person carrying it spends a happy life by coming out of all kinds of work stress. This is the perfect gem for the prevention of Rahu planet obstruction.



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