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Astro Ravi Shankar  was a science student who graduated from Delhi University and then did Master Degree in Management. He is a professional Astrologer and a Psychic reader. He was keen to learn occult sciences since his childhood and mastered many arts like Reiki, Psychic Healing, PLR, Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology , Tarot , Psychometry , Hypnotism , Past Life Regression and many more. 

He takes meditation and astrology classes regularly and believes in imparting knowledge to society for the sake of better future of whole world. Knowledge is a power  ! This is what he strongly believes in. He has been doing research in paranormal field for over two decades and solves day to day problems related to Married Life , Health , Finances , Career , Love Life , Legal Problems , Education , etc. though Vedic Astrology and other modalities like Palmistry , Vaastu Shastra , Tarot Card Reading , Psychic Reading …..

Meen Mukta / Fish Pearl

It makes the moon extremely strong and thus helps in big and small decision making situations. As moon is cause of mental and emotional stability in one’s horoscope, a person who wears it , gains high mental and emotional stability which makes extremely difficult for planets like rahu, ketu, shani , mangal to cause any ill effect on the person as they mostly attack the most vulnerable people . It helps from ill effects from planets like Shani, Mangal , Ketu and Rahu .It is seen , most of the things derived from fish are beneficial for human kind and so as this mani/mukta/fish pearl.

Extremely helpful in Mahadasha / Antardasha of Rahu , Mangal , Ketu and Shani . Helps in nullifying their effects . It increase your wealth , helps in maintaining good health , helpful in Vastu Dosh Nivaran and also in maintaining peace of mind .

यह चंद्रमा को बहुत मजबूत बनाता है और इस प्रकार निर्णय लेने की स्थितियों में मदद करता है। शनि, मंगल, केतु और राहु जैसे ग्रहों के दुष्प्रभाव से मदद करता है।

राहुमंगलकेतु और शनि की महादशा / अन्तर्दशा में अत्यधिक सहायक। उनके प्रभावों को कम करने में मदद करता है। यह आपके धन में वृद्धि करता हैअच्छे स्वास्थ्य को बनाए रखने में मदद करता हैवास्तु दोष निवारन में सहायक है और मन की शांति बनाए रखने में भी सहायक है

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