Fish pearl / Meen Mukta

It makes the moon extremely strong and thus helps in big and small decision making situations. As moon is cause of mental and emotional stability in one’s horoscope, a person who wears it , gains high mental and emotional stability which makes extremely difficult for planets like rahu, ketu, shani , mangal to cause any ill effect on the person as they mostly attack the most vulnerable people . It helps from ill effects from planets like Shani, Mangal , Ketu and Rahu .It is seen , most of the things derived from fish are beneficial for human kind and so as this mani/mukta/fish pearl.

Extremely helpful in Mahadasha / Antardasha of Rahu , Mangal , Ketu and Shani . Helps in nullifying their effects . It increase your wealth , helps in maintaining good health , helpful in Vastu Dosh Nivaran and also in maintaining peace of mind .